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Hydraulic Attachments

We supply a range of boom mounted attachments from the world's largest manufacturer: NPK of Japan.

Our product range includes:

Hydraulic Hammers - From 0.5 to 110 ton weight excavator.


  • Unique gas charged piston action producing more power.
  • Only two moving parts and fully sleeved body.
  • Easy adoption for underwater use.
  • Shock absorbing cushions to minimise vibrations and noice levels.
  • Constant energy blows.
  • Rapid and easy chisel replacements.

Vibrating Compactors - For excavators from 2 ton to 65 ton.

Concrete Crushers - For excavators from 2 ton to 80 tons. Featuring power booster operation and 360° rotation.

Demolition/Material Handling Grabs - For excavators from 4.5 ton to 35 ton.

Multi-Processors - For excavators from 17 to 45 ton.

Crunchers - For excavators from 17 ton to 45 ton.

Sheet Pilers - For excavators from 17 to 38 ton, having superior productivity and excellent versatility.

Galanizer Crushing Bucket - Crusher bucket for 22 to 35 ton excavatos from 1.3 to 3.5 ton.

Mini Digger - Crusher, vibrating scraper and pinch cutter for excavator from 1.3 - 3.5 ton.

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